It was in the year 1964 a group of philanthropists belonging to the business community formed the Coimbatore Welfare Association (CWA) to establish Shri Nehru Vidyayala School. Later in 1989 the Coimbatore Welfare Association had founded the Shri Nehru MahaVidyalaya College as its silver jubilee gift to the people of in and around Coimbatore.

The aim of the CWA is to provide value based quality education affordable to all. In 1964, at the time when the school was started, there were very few English medium schools in Coimbatore and so getting admission for their wards in those schools was a distant dream for the common people. To fullfil the longing of many aspiring parents with limited means the school was started. Since its inception till date, the CWA has not collected capitation or donation either in cash or kind. So also the admissions both at School and College have all along been made on first come first served basis, such that every aspiring student is given an opportunity to study, immaterial of the parents’ educational qualification or the grades obtained in the qualifying examination.

History of CWA

COIMBATORE WELFARE ASSOCIATION was born in 1964, by the efforts taken by some of the early group of North Indians domiciled in Coimbatore. It was aiming to cater to the social welfare needs of the Coimbatoreans. The Association was registered under Societies Act, during the year 1964.

It was in 1964 COIMBATORE WELFARE ASSOCIATION came into existence. The Association has a clear mission to produce Academic scholars and skilled managers who can meet the challenges of International Trade and Industry flooded by Multinational companies, thereby ensuring excellent placement opportunities to them.

Accordingly Coimbatore Welfare Association has started a School during the year 1964 in the style of Shri Nehru Vidyalaya and College during the year 1989 in the style of Shri Nehru MahaVidyalaya College of Arts & Science, Malumachampatti, Coimbatore – 21.

Coimbatore Welfare Association owes it success to the highly ethical procedures being followed in all its efforts. The Association has a democratic set up with the General Body electing a President once in two years along with a team of Governing Council Members. When a new President assumes office, the Past President does not become extinct, but becomes a most active participant of the team guiding and counseling the future course of action.

Today the school caters nearly 3000 students with 180 teaching and administrative staff. The School has got all kinds of infrastructures like playground, smart class rooms, adequate furniture, laboratories for all science subjects/ All these and more have enabled the school to be one among the reputed schools in the town offering education from Pre KG to +2 level.

The Coimbatore Welfare Association, initiated a School by the then Vice President of CWA, late ShriMotilalDhanraj Parekh hailing from Lapod a small village in Rajasthan, with 11 children in a small godown of the founder President of CWA, ShriKanaklalAbhaichand. Other prominent personalities involved in the establishment of the School were Shri R G Bhuradia, ShriSelrajjiPhoolchand (Ottajee), ShriChandmalBafna, ShriPukhrajBafna and others. Just then ShriPandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India, has attained the Heavenly Adode. Hence the School was named as SHRI NEHRU VIDYALAYA.

During the year 1973 the school moved into its own premises on a land of 5 acres at R S Puram area, which is in the heart of the city.