Secretary Message


28 years of impressive service in the field of higher education is an achievement in itself. Shri Nehru MahaVidyalaya College of Arts and Science has been persistently growing from strength to strength which is why it is considered a quality college in this age where innumerable colleges are springing-up around every corner. Under the exceptional guidance of Coimbatore Welfare Association (CWA), SNMV CAS continues to prove its mettle in this competitive world.

In the present scenario, when the focus rests on technical subjects, SNMV CAS offers a refreshing change by stressing the need for Arts, Science and Management programmes. The college not only pays attention to students’ academic growth, but also takes into consideration their moral and spiritual development.

The student’s mind is like a tree which needs proper nurturing and care,after which, it grows to foster inestimable numbers for generations together. A student too, is capable of the same. Hence, it is the ethical responsibility of Management and Staff of the College to provide students with the essentials, necessary for their development. We are proud to say that the Management and the staff have positioned themselves throughout to face the challenge in shaping the student’s mind and outlook and have been successful in creating responsible citizens for the future.

Another vital aspect of SNMV CAS is that it pays equal attention to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which abet in the overall development of the student. The college endows the students with the facilities necessary for Sports, NSS, YRC and many socially relevant causes. Understanding the need for proper mental development in this fragmented world, ‘Svastika’, a Student Counselling Center has also been formed to help the students with their psychological needs. Equal significance is positioned in the placement of students in reputed organizations. This in turn goes on to enhance their future possibilities. The placement cell actively organizes classes and interviews, effectively preparing students to face the competitive world.

It is my pleasure to be a part of an Institution which has grown and established for itself a prominent position in the field of education. It is with great satisfaction that I invite everyone to partake in the feast of life that SNMV CAS offers to its students.