Counselling Cell

SVASTIKA Student Counselling Cell

Department of Social Work

Shri Nehru Maha Vidyalaya college of Arts and Science

As part of a Student Support and Progression criterion for National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), it is mandatory for every college to have counsellingcentres for adolescent students. Considering the need for professional counselling service, the department of Social Work, Shri Nehru MahaVidyalaya College of Arts and Science has been rendering an exclusive counselling service for students in need since 2013.Teenage or adolescent years are considered to be the "best years in a person’s life”. But in reality, life for many young people is a painful experience filled with mixed messages and conflicting demands from parents, teachers, friends and oneself. It creates stress, and it can lead to serious depression inyoung people who are not trained to cope, communicate and solve problems. Students facing such issues are given support through the SVASTIKA, the Student Counselling Centre. The service is free and available to all undergraduate students of SNMV CAS. The social workers in the counsellingcell, provide support and guidance to students who are in crisis or who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties. If a student is identified as having severe mental health issues, they are properly referred to the appropriate service institutions linked with the department. The counselling cell provides individual counselling, in which supportive therapy, environment modification therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), is practiced based on the person. The cell also offers a variety of topic-specific workshops throughout the year, like anger management, conflict resolution, power of positivity, transactional analysis etc. Through the counselling cell, the department of Social Work organizes various programs for various school children related to building coping strategies non-destructive ways to find relief, being able to talk to a counsellor, expressing feelings, venting emotions, and to learn problem-solving skills.