Class Rooms & LAB’s


The chemistry laboratory is designed with all the statutory norms and safety standards. It enables personal verification of important experimental facts.Also the Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments such as

  • Spectrophotometer
  • Rotary Shaker
  • pH Meter
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Centrifuges
  • Distillation Unit
  • Water bath

    Department of physics is equipped with electronic, electrical, magnetic, thermal,microprocessor and general physics equipment’s like Galvanometer, Telescope,Microscope, Ammeter, CRO, CRT, Frequency meter and Spectrometer. These facilitiesprovides individual hands on working experience, inculcate research interest in youngminds and insisting the students to perform the procedures, collecting data, analysing data.


    The Department of Microbiology &Biotechnology has spacious and well - equipped laboratory with independent undergraduate and post-graduate laboratories. Air-conditioned laboratories equipped with the high tech instruments like PCR, Lyophilizer, Fermentor, UV Spectrophotometer, Phase Contrast Microscope and Inverted microscope. There are separate, plant tissue culture, animal cell culture and microbial cell culture labs and a walk in cold room. These advanced facilities are unique of Biological Sciences, which provides individual hands-on working experience to all students. A separate lab facility to carry out mini projects is one of the other highlights of the Department. This is initiated to inculcate Research interest in young minds.


    SNMV College of Arts & Science provides exceptional computer lab services and state-of-the-art computing resources in order to fulfill the academic needs of the student community. The Institution has seven computer labs with high-tech laptops, desktops and NComputing systems (Green Environment systems). 503 desktops and laptops are networked through a Local Area Network (LAN). The campus is also Wi-Fi enabled which allowsthe faculty and students to utilizethe labs and department systems for concepts in the curriculum not only for courses related to the Computer Stream, but also for myriadother courses with computer based design and analysis.The computing facilities are continuously upgraded and modernized to keep up with the changing technology. The labs provide one-to-one access to students for a variety of peripherals.

    Available Servers
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 2012
  • Linux
  • Salient Features
  • 20 Mbps Leased Line Internet Service
  • Free internet service for students
  • Hardware and Software support to students
  • Secured Firewall Internet Services